We bring Canadian families together with careful attention to independence, authenticity, transparency and generosity.

Entrust Financial Services helps successful Canadian families focus on what wealth should mean: sustainable well-being of your family now and in the future, and impact across generations.
We will help guide you to build a way forward that is positive and productive, providing a new way to experience your success with your family and causes you care about.  A new way to experience the real value of wealth.
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Our Process

Our goal-based financial planning approach helps you define your goals, analyze your situation and build a plan designed to achieve your retirement, estate, and charitable giving goals.

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Risk Checkup

Your financial goals, current financial situation, investment experience and attitude towards risk all help determine the mix of assets that’s just right for you. You need to define your goals and assess your current financial situation. 

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Risk Management

Insurance is part of the foundation of a complete financial security plan. It helps protect you and your family in the event of death, a disability or critical illness. We have access to a wide range of insurance products to help fit the specific needs.

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Give Smarter

Give Smarter encourages Canadians to include generosity as part of their overall financial plan and make a greater IMPACT for causes they care about.

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