As an investor, you are unique.

Your financial goals, current financial situation, investment experience and attitude towards risk all help determine the mix of assets that’s just right for you. You need to define your goals and assess your current financial situation. You need to be honest with yourself about your investment experience and your attitude towards risk. Only after defining these factors can you start on the path to developing a plan for your savings and/or income needs.

The questions in this investor profile questionnaire were designed to help you understand your investment objectives and your investment personality. You may use this service to support your investment-making decision.

As you answer the following questions, remember there is no right or wrong answer. However, keep in mind that you must be completely candid, or the results won’t reflect your true investment personality.

If you have more than one account, please consider filling out one questionnaire for each account. Each account you hold may have a different purpose, which may affect your investment decisions.

The following 14 questions will help you understand your investment profile, and enable you to develop a personal investment plan that suits your needs and goals.

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